CS 1501: AGI Lecture 3 | Brief Philosophy of Mind

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

“The biology of mind bridges the sciences - concerned with the natural world - and the humanities - concerned with the meaning of human experience.” 

 - Eric Kandel

Course Recap:

  1. A (humanlike) mind can be best “approximated” with the Standard Model of the Mind, which has criteria for what minds must be able to do.

  2. Minds can generally be thought of in two lights: 

  3. The Dualist, which states that your mind, and in essence you, are the result of an immaterial force, like a soul, that is not composed of anything physical. 

  4. The Materialist (monist/physicalist), which states that you are, and minds are, a direct product of physical brain states. No supernatural involved, and you are your brain

  5. The Turing Test was designed to test for an intelligent machines, but has many criticisms and is unknown whether or not it would actually work

  6. The Chinese Room Argument states that semantics cannot arise from syntax, and that Strong AI is false. It also has its fair share of criticisms.

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