CS 1501: AGI Lecture 1 | Introduction

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” 

―Carl Sagan

Class Recap:

  1. There are many definitions of intelligence, and it is hard to pin down what exactly it is.

  2. What we will say it is: The ability to learn new information and apply this knowledge to solve new problems in creative and practical ways.

  3. IQ is a mess, and it is still incredibly hard to measure intelligence accurately.

  4. There might be different types of intelligence beyond fluid and crystallized

  5. AGI (strong AI) is different from AI (weak/narrow AI), which is different still from machine learning and deep learning- in other words, the terms are all very confusing and no one talks to each other about what exactly they mean.

  6. AGI must be able to do certain things, and it too is hard to define. 

  7. We will use this: Synthetic Human-Level General Intelligence that can do any cognitive task a human can do; exhibits a wide range of intelligence in different domains and is as good at or better then humans in most if not all of these problem solving domains.

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Week 1_ Introduction to AGI-2
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