CS 1501: AGI Lecture 9 | Superintelligence

“Been down the road to Damascus, 

The road to Mandalay;

Met the ghost of Caesar on the Appian Way.

He said, 'It's hard to stop this binging, once you get a taste.'

'But the road to empire is a bloody, stupid waste.'”

The Eagles, Long Road out of Eden

Course Recap:

  1. Superintelligence, as defined by Bostrom: “intellects that greatly outperform the best current human minds across many very general cognitive domains. ”

  2. There are mainly three kinds of superintelligence : 

  3. Speed superintelligence 

  4. Collective superintelligence 

  5. Quality superintelligence

  6. Many of the methods that we discussed regarding paths to AGI can be extended to be paths to superintelligence as well. 

  7. The kinetics of the intelligence explosion refers to the takeoff speed of an intelligence, and is widely classified into three groups:

  8. Slow takeoff (years/decades)

  9. Moderate takeoff (days/weeks/months)

  10. Fast takeoff (Minutes/Hours) 

  11. The first group to achieve an AGI/Superintelligence would have a decisive strategic advantage (0-sum game).

  12. This DSA could lead to the development of a Singleton.

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Week 9_ Superintelligence
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