CS 1501: AGI Lecture 5 | Consciousness

“The AI quest for artificial minds has transformed the mystery of consciousness into philosophy with a deadline.” 

– Dr. Max Tegmark, MIT Professor

Course Recap

  1. Most of the time when people talk about consciousness, there is a lot of confusion about what they mean. 

  2. For us AGI people, there are many types of consciousness that are relevant to what we are doing, including:

  3. Attentional and Phenomenological

  4. Core and Extended

  5. Preconscious and Unconscious 

  6. Mary’s Room thought experiment highlights the gap in knowledge and the problem of how p-consciousness emerged from physical systems.

  7. The Philosopher’s Zombie thought experiment asks the question if there could exist a “zombie” that exists and perfectly imitates humans in all aspects, but is not “there” - lacks p-consciousness.

  8. Metacognition can be thought of as “thinking about thinking”.

  9. Things get really weird with split brain patients and the possibility of multiple consciousnesses inside you.

  10. There are many types of selves you possess (important for today).

  11. Sentience is different from consciousness and largely is thought of the ability to feel and sense.

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